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Thanks to all those who have helped getting Midevil running including family members, friends, alpha testers, artists, and providers of free internet resources. Graphics come from a variety of sources including merschat.com staff. Others are available to the public domain, have expired copyrights, or were derived from online resources allowing use. Midevil is an extension of a personal / family website. Our family just happens to have excellent programmers who like to play around on the internet. But, Medival is free to use, not commercial, and generates no profit. Regarding free art sources, many had no reference to the creator so wherever possible, we sought them out in an effort to acknowledge their creative brilliance and beauty of their work. We wish to cultivate awareness and interest in them, send traffic to their online galleries, and support their prosperity. As such, you are encouraged to explore the links on this page and learn more about the fabulous worlds springing from their collective genius.

  • Ajmal, Abrar
  • Anderson, Christopher
  • Angus, Glen
  • Argyle, Steve
  • Armstrong, Matthew
  • Bell, Julie
  • Blank, Keja
  • Boving, Hannah
  • Briclot, Aleksi
  • Brom, Gerald
  • Caceres, Rafael T.
  • Calandra, Michael
  • Cannon, Lauren
  • Clarke, Liz
  • Cook, Shane
  • Cox, Ed
  • Creech, Steven
  • Dotegowski, John
  • Douglas, Allen
  • Eade, Carolina
  • Engle, Jason
  • Finch, David
  • Findley, Melissa
  • Fuchs, Rod
  • Goebbels, Christian
  • Grant, Lars
  • Grzeskowiak, Jacek
  • Gutierrez, Natalia
  • Gyula, Kiss M.
  • Hideux, Michael
  • Hrynkiewicz, Rafal
  • Jones, Patrick
  • Jones, Simon
  • Kanalu68,
  • Kelly, Ken
  • Kostic, Vuk
  • Krasny, Jan P.
  • Kuo, Camille
  • Lapeña, Kevin
  • Lockwood, Todd
  • Lofgren, Eric
  • Matthews, Rodney
  • Mayta, Fabian
  • McKeown, Martin
  • Melchionda, Del
  • Merino, Carlos
  • Miller, Aaron
  • Moroni, Stefano
  • Morrill, Rowena
  • Mulnix, David
  • Nezt, Nezt
  • ogwen,
  • Omtvedt, Erik C.
  • Parkinson, Keith
  • Pasticcio, Wolf
  • Peters, Christopher
  • Ploog, Mike
  • Quilliams, Chris
  • Renieblas, Marcelo
  • Robertson, D. Gordon E.
  • Rosario, Nathan
  • Royo, Luis
  • Scanlan, Peter
  • Schmyntt, Karen
  • Scholik, Gloria
  • Smilshkalne, Liiga
  • Thompson, Ruth
  • Ursus International,
  • Vallejo, Boris
  • Vihola, Timo
  • Winburn, Nathan
  • Winters, Mark
  • Wolf People,
  • Game
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