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About the Game.

"Midevil" is a play on words
meaning "in the middle of evil".
Will you fight against it?
Or will you become part of it?


User ID 5 or more characters (alphanumeric)
Email Address example@domain.com
Password 5 or more characters

Consistent with our mission to share joy with the world, Midevil is one of many free services offered by merschat.com. It is a game in which you adopt the identity of a fantasy self and adventure through a realm wrought with riches and danger. With it, we did not seek to compete with graphic-intensive alternatives commonly offered today. Instead, our intention is to utilize a primarily text-based interface thereby increasing speed for any user on the planet including those with slower internet connections. We hope you enjoy this offering.

To begin, fill out the form above completely. New users will be sent a confirmation code from midevil@merschat.com. Make sure this address is in your approved email list so it can reach you. Also, the address you provide in the form below must be valid because this is the only place we will send your login information if you lose or forget it. Existing users will be logged in directly.

Why is this necessary? To store and protect your Midevil assets, you need a password-protected account that nobody else can access. Don't worry, we do not sell user information and you will not be placed on any kind of mailing list. We detest spam as much as anybody. And telemarketing calls during dinner. We don't like those either.

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